Friday, 5 August 2011

Bed Time! . . . or not.

Yeah, I'm still up. No one should be surprised. It's only 1am here in YEG, so this is actually early for me haha. If you're a friend on Facebook, you may know about my 400+ notes, over 300 of them being poems/freestyles/lyrics/whatever you wanna call em. Most of them are done at night. It's where I get most of my inspiration and motivation to write. Right now there is this PYT that's inspiring my writing, but that's another blog post. I'm also listening to Chris Brown's new mixtape, Boy In Detention. Even though he's rapping, so far so good! I'll post my rhyming here when I'm done. Did I mention that if I ever decide to record, I will go by The Recipient? I think it's only fitting. =)

Take Care & Much Love
David The Recipient


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