Friday, 5 August 2011

Five Star Lady

I did this over Mariah's It's Like That Instrumental.
Here it is if you wanna sing/rap along -> (start at 0:22)

Stevie Wonder, yeah I got that Jungle Fever
Life is like a movie, you the star, I just feature
See me on the bleachers I be going insane
Ballin’ errday, bring the Heat like Dwayne

Bring the Sun like Steve, no I ain’t talkin’ Urkel
Supporting all my causes, can you say Pink & Purple?
Five Star Lady, leave a mint on her pillow
We starting to connect so together we can still grow

The only woman that I see, man she’s flawless
Can’t figure why she would wanna deal with all this
But I’m just thankful that I have her in my life
If we had to do this over you can bet I’d do it twice

I met this Stunner in July, call it Summer Love
We chat at night and she texts me when the sun comes up
Maybe one day we’ll get married, start a fam while we bringing up
Light skinned babies, call em Reese Peanut Butter Cups


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