Saturday, 13 August 2011

Leave You Never

Did this over the Digital Girl Remix Instrumental. Here's the instrumental ->

I knew what I got myself into from the start
BSB, we’re Playing Games with our Hearts
You’re always on my mind so it’s hard when we apart
You’ve coloured up my world like a room full of art

I can’t eat when you’re running through my mind
This situation’s tough and it’s getting hard to find
A compromise where we both get what we want
I’m trying to fight my feelings while I act nonchalant

I’m the type of person that’ll love you unconditional
Treat you with respect; Momma raised me up tradional,
And if I’m right, you were raised the same way
I’ve been hoping one day I could put you on display

We share something real, not even artificial
We act like a couple so let’s make it official
I know you’re scared, but I’ll leave you never
This honeymoon we’re on is gonna last forever


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