Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Orlando Chronicles


It was an emotional start to the day. Today is in fact Dejanelle's birthday as well as Miracle Treat Day in Edmonton and all across Canada. I wore my Dunk On Disease t-shirt today in her memory. After breakfast, we came back to the hotel cause I wasn't feeling too hot. Must be the humidity of Orlando. I'm finding out that the cheese here in America is triggering my lactose intolerenceness. NOT COOL. We stayed in the resort for the most part today. Unfortunately, we couldn't go to GKTW and meet the Disney Characters. I wanted to see Jasmine SO BAD. When we went to Magic Kingdom, a ton of stuff. There was a parade, and I was hoping to see the Arabian Princess, but when the Aladdin float passed us, THERE WAS NO JASMINE. Imma have to have a talk with Mickey. We did a lot more rides today, like the People Mover, the Buzz Light-year ride (I'll get the correct names tomorrow), the Peter Pan ride, Speedracers and more. We checked out the Hall of Presidents. Learned a lot. It was so hot today, we spent close to 30 bucks on waters and ice cream. I was damp with sweat. HOT. Sarah got a tan. Legit. BLACK PEOPLE TURN DARKER IN THE SUN!!! Found out there are TONS of candy stores here in DW. Seriously, there should be dentist offices here as well. Deja was on my mind all day though, like she always is. My friends and fam sent me pics and texts about two Dairy Queen locations in the city reppin DOD. Truly humbled by it, I'll have to get my Thank-Yous on when I return to Edmonton. When we returned to the Polynesian, Sarah and I checked out the Arcade they have here. I need to step up my car racing. We're doing a plane ride tomorrow and Epcot. If there is time, we'll hit up an outlet store. Can't wait! Until next time.

Take Care & Much Love
David The Recipient


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