Friday, 12 August 2011

The Orlando Chronicles


Today was kinda like Father's day, in the sense that we did everything Dad wanted to do. It's his last day here in Orlando. He leaves at 10am to go back to Edmonton. At that same time, Mom will be on a plane on her way over!

Speaking of planes, we drifted away from Disney today and went on a plane tour . . . of Disney. LOL what I mean is that we weren't on the grounds, but in the sky!! It was Dad's idea. I swear, he was like a kid in a candy store. I had no idea he liked planes this much. We were late to it though, no fault of ours. It seems like these taxi drivers will take you on, but have absolutely NO IDEA where they are going. I'm actually starting to think that they're hustling us cause we're tourists. Not cool. We did end up going back to Give Kids The World just for some lunch.

Back to the planes though. The people at Mauiva Tours were extremely nice. If there is time, I'd love to go back. They said I could fly the plane while up there, because that's what they do for all the wish kids. I gave that privilage to Dad instead, because he was actually so excited about this whole thing. I do what I do.

We got back to the hotel and the heat was starting to get to all of us, so we all accidently fell asleep haha. Because of that, we missed out going to Epcot. When we woke up, it was raining hard and there was a risk of thunderstorms. The weather here is like it is in Edmonton, I swear. Instead we ate at a fancy buffet in the resort called Ohana. Ohana means family, so the staff there all refer to the customers as Cousin. It was dope. The food kept coming, I'll have to do some crunches after this entry. I ate like it was my last meal. Might hit the pool tomorrow and the arcade after we see Pops off. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Take Care & Much Love
David The Recipient

P.S. Only 3 days left. The hunt for Princess Jasmine just got real.


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