Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Orlando Chronicles


Today was more a day for the ladies. When we woke up, I wasn't feeling too well, so Sarah and Mom went to one of the outlets here in Orlando. Afterwards, they went to Florida Mall and got a whole lot of stuff. Bags and bags full of lady clothing. Glad they could do that while I recovered in the room!

By the afternoon I was feeling a bit better, so we were going to go visit Animal Kingdom! . . . turns out they close at 7pm. Instead we went and took a bus to Disney's Hollywood Studios. GOOD TIMES. We went on the Rock n' Rollercoaster ride! Mom and Sarah hate rollercoasters, by the way. Afterwards we checked out the Toy Story Ride in the PIXAR section of the park. I was paired up with a bubbly girl named Claire, she was iight.  Mom was all about getting pictures by the big statues and such so we did that as well.

It was close to 10pm, so we took a cab to Give Kids The World so that we could get dinner and thank everyone for their kindness and hospitality whenever we came around. I will miss these people, though I barely know them. The way they treat the people and families and kids that walk through their doors is like no other. They have a project where you donate $200 and you can have your name and your family's name paved into the grounds. We'll be doing that when we get home.

I forgot my camera in the cab, so it's a good thing mom got the guys number before we left. We called him and he brought us back to the Polynesian Resort. We finished packing and leave Orlando at 3. It's been a blast, and I think it's safe to say that I will be back in the future. Last full day in Orlando, but definitely not my last time here. The next blog entry will probably be in Edmonton. Until then!

Take Care & Much Love
David The Recipient


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