Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Tribute to Dejanelle Legacie Huntley

I met Dejanelle Legacie Huntley when she was at her sickest. She was a heart patient just like me, so we connected right away. Or at least, I thought we did. She never really looked at me when I tried to talk to her. Once in a while, I would catch her looking at me and she’d quickly turn away, so I know she cared.

Her middle name, “Legacie”, is so appropriate, because that’s exactly what she’s left. Her life and passing have inspired me personally to do so much for my non-profit organization. She inspired the slogans “We Do It for the Stollery” and “We Do It for Dejanelle”. The latter is written at the back of every Dunk On Disease t-shirt and shall be on everyone from here on out. Because of Deja, DOD also held a Pink & Purple Party, where everyone wore a pink or purple article of clothing. We rose over $500 that night for the Stollery, a place Deja spent a lot of time.

In terms of the t-shirts, with Shonnelle and Granny’s help, Deja was able to raise over $1000 for the Stollery. This year, we will be holding a charity dodgeball tournament in her name. I was informed “Dodge” was one of her many nicknames.

In her passing, Deja will be helping hundreds of kids with the over $1,500 she HERSELF has raised for the kids at the Stollery. If that isn’t leaving a Legacie, then I don’t know what is.

I would like to thank you Deja, for inspiring me to be a better person in everything I do. Thank you.


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