Saturday, 28 July 2012

Best Birthday Present(s)

Oh wow.

I thought I wrote about this already. My bad.

SO as YOU ALL KNOW (you have no idea), my birthday is on June 14th. Pretty much the best day of the year.

For me, it was extra special, probably the best one I've had to date. Why?

The celebrations started June 6th. I was woken up by the buzzing of my cellphone. My homie/fam Jenn was informing me that one of my hospital homies, Shane, had . . . get this,  RECEIVED A HEART TRANSPLANT!! Shane was on a Heartmate 2 for quite some time, and it was starting to bug me how long he was waiting for this new organ. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person. At all. Arch enemies. But when I read that, I was so awake and alert, I didn't want to back to sleep.

I wanted to get at him so bad and see how he was doing, but I remember during my transplant, I found that all the attention was a bit overwhelming. I eventually congratulated him. I thought that was over with.

I was wrong =)

On my ACTUAL birthday, JUNE 14TH (well, write it DOWN!) I received a flood of birthday wishes from my friends and fam (much appreciated). There was one in particular that caught my eye. My friend Twyla had informed me that . . . get this, SHE RECEIVED A HEART TRANSPLANT AS WELL!!

TWO transplants in less than a week?! SAY WHAT?!

I didn't get the news right away because that day I was doing the Caring for Kids Broadcast for the Stollery Children's Hospital (to listen to my interviews, head to my soundcloud: so she sent me a couple of text messages informing me as well. It was just too much. I might've got emotional, I'm not telling.

SO that was my eventful Birthday! I'm thankful to have Shane and Twyla in my life. It's been my pleasure getting to know them. I wish you two nothing but happiness and LONG health!! (You guys can check out Shane in this video: )


Take Care & Much Love
David The Recipient


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