Monday, 20 August 2012

Changing the Game

It’s nice to be recognised for doing a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do things JUST so that someone notices, or so that someone will give me a pat on the back. But it is always nice to know that someone notices when you do a good thing. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this. Tell me if I am.

Recently, I was nominated for a thing called Scotiabank Game Changers. Basically, the Canadian Football League and Scotiabank team up to donate money to charities that gives back to their communities. You can nominate people, but I didn’t nominate myself, I would never do that. I try as best as I can not to think too big of myself or give myself a lot of praise. I’m sounding insecure haha, NOT THE CASE!! I would just hate to be one of those dudes with the big ego that everyone hates. You always say, “That’ll never happen to me”, next thing you know, you see dude with a personal secretary carrying his jacket and briefcase, answering all his calls and taking messages. True story.

ANYWAYS, I was nominated by a friend named Karli. Karli is a Stollery mom. She knows what it means to spend endless days, weeks, and months inside the hospital. I respect her a lot. As a mother, she’s gone through more than most people will, as you can imagine. She’s also the lady who started the campaign to bring Justin Bieber to another Stollery patient, Racquena. More on that in the next post.

One day, she hit me up on Facebook, asking me about using pictures of me, asking me what my email was and what not. I said why not, cause my life’s an open book anyways. Next thing I know, I’m seeing links on Facebook saying people should vote for me.

Vote for what?!

WELL, if you head to, you can nominate me as an Edmonton Eskimos Scotiabank Game Changer. I have a chance to win $100,000 to go towards the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

I’ve already won something though.

Thanks to the over 1000 votes already cast, I was picked as one of 72 winners of a $1000 cheque to go towards the Stollery Children’s Hospital on behalf of Dunk On Disease, Scotiabank and the CFL. I also received tickets to the Eskimos vs. Alouettes game (I took Karli, and recent heart transplant recipient, Twyla . . . both Rider fans apparently. YUCK.) We went and met Esks head coach Kavis Reed (he asked me what play he should go with and I froze), Gizmo Williams, and TSN Analysts Chris Cuthbert and Duane Forde. Chris Cuthbert is NO DOUBT a broadcast legend. When I told him I was going into Mr. Cuthbert said that I can have his job in 4-5 years. I plan to take him up on his offer. =) I talked basketball (specifically the Knicks and what the Lakers did this offseason) with Mr. Forde. Then he should me some of the technology they use and we took some pics.

I was able to be in the circle for the coin toss before the game. I was inches away from my favourite player, Fred Stamps. That was cool. After the first quarter, I was featured on TSN (haven’t seen the footage yet) and did a cheque on the field. 630Ched and iNews 880 also did a piece on me (haven’t heard it).

Personally, I like being the interviewER, rather than the interviewEE.  I’m not always a huge fan of having the spotlight directed on me (I know about 20 sets of eyes just rolled after reading that, but it’s the truth.) But like I said; it’s nice to be recognized for what you do. Thank you Karli!

Take Care & Much Love,
David The Recipient



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