Thursday, 1 September 2011

What Happens at my BIOPSY

I'm always saying "I have a biopsy! Painful!" yadda yadda, but here is what actually goes down on those days:

  • Wake up at 5:30am
  • Hit the snooze button until 5:45am
  • Get fresh & clean and leave the house at 6:15am
  • Get to the Mazankowski Heart Institute before 7:00am
  • Slip down to my skivvies and gown up
  • Go into the operating room
  • Get hooked up to a blood pressure cuff and some other monitors
  • Get my neck sterilized and “dressed”
  • Get an ultrasound on the area of my neck the doctors will be inserting the IV
  • Get a couple shots of freezing in my  neck
  • Get an IV in my neck
  • Pressure is applied
  • Get blood drawn from my neck
  • A tube with scissors at the end of it go in and snip microscopic pieces of my heart
  • Repeat 7 times
  • Start to feel the pain
  • Return to the waiting room and get the huge IV removed from my neck
  • Get a Band-Aid around 9:30am
  • Head to clinic for an hour or so
  • Get seen by the transplant team
  • The Mazankowski and head to the University of Alberta Hospital
  • Eat breakfast and Visit with patients/nurses/hospital staff until 1:00pm
  • Go home


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