Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hey, it's been a while!

What up? *Barney Stinson Voice*

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in over five months. I was admitted into hospital for four months.
Oh . . .  you didn't know? Yeah, I made sure of that.

Since October, things with my health were bad, to put it MILDLY. It started with the morning of the Run For The Cure. I was to participate with the lovely nurses at the Stollery. We were running/walking for a dear friend, Lois, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She works at the Stollery and was an important part of my recovery from 07 until transplant in 09. Unfortunately, I wouldn't leave the house that day. My body decided it didn't like what I had eaten for the last week or so, and decided to dispose of it the same way it entered.

A couple day later, I was admitted into the Mazankowski after my clinic visit. Bummer. I was finally getting my life back on track! I was absolutely LOVING being at school, anchoring and reporting for NAIT NewsWatch. and getting a glimose into what my future might be like. But one thing with this transplant that I've realized is that it's an alternate way of living. It's not a cure. This time around, (and the many others after), a cure was not to be found.

In fact, this time around, I came back home with more questions than answers. Like, why did my kidney's fail while I was in hospital? Why am I doing dialysis still? Why was I gaining so much water weight? WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SUGGEST THAT MY LUPUS MAY BE ACTIVE? That has to be THE most frustrating part about going into hospital for me. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm kind of a big deal in the world of medicine. There MAY be ONE other person in the world that has both lupus and a heart transplant, so truthfully, when I get admitted. No actually knows what happens or why. NO. BODY. So I do every blood test and scan known to man kind. In the four months I was admitted, I also saw my physiotherapist (I'm 30 pounds under weight), a neurologist (kidney doctor), a lung doctor, a stomach doctor, my Berlin Heart doctor (What up Holger?), my pediatric doctors, my transplant doctors, my lupus doctor, my pediatric doctors . . . I'm sure I'm missing sme division. Oh yeah, and a psychatrist.

I can honestly say my stay from October until February 24th of this year (two days after my Heart Transplant anniverary . . . Transplanitversary) was one of the hardest stays I've ever faced. Right up there with the time I was on my Berlin Heart. And that was an EIGHT month admission, where I couldn't walk/talk/move/breathe at all. Being . . . not healthy, but alert and knowing that no one knows what's going on with me, and that the people caring for me were almost, content with it . . . you can't explain it. It's like, "hey, you might be dying, but we don't know why. Call us if you do." HOW does a person function after that? I thank God EVERYDAY for the amazing support I receive from my family, friends and total strangers on a daily basis. Without them, I wouldn't be here.

At the moment, I'm doing physio at the U of A gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've met some new friends (did I ever mention that I met Kylie at physio? Miss you Beautiful <3 ) like this lady name Twyla. She's such a strong woman, I cannot even explain it. She's always got a smile on her face and cracking jokes. We took pics for her blog today (CHECK IT. Twyla's Blog) I've also got dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sundays are my days of rest haha if you can call it that. I hope that answers the questions as to why I was off Facebook and Twitter for four months. Things were just too scary, and I MADE THE CHOICE to distance myself from everyone. Some got mad that I didn't keep them updated 24/7, but I mean, I had to. It was something I had to do for me. Unfortunately, I had to pause my schooling, but come  September, you'll be able to watch me kill it (or get killed) on NAIT NewsWatch. That's a promise. At the moment, I'm trying to get my body looking like Trey Songz before the summer. IT WILL HAPPEN. Just add a whole bunch of scars and you have me LOL ok I'm getting off track. Shoutout to EVERYONE who came to visit/called/texted/prayed while I was admitted. Can't name all of you, but know that I love you. <3

Take Care and Much Love,
David The Recipient


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